Sammy the Snail.jpg


Sam aka Sammy Snail came into the sanctuary back in early May as a foster with a view to rehoming due to his elderly owner being in hospital and unable to care for him but wanted the best for him so we assured her we would find that place.
His owner had him since a kitten and that's all he'd ever known.
Coming into a multi cat household can be very daunting and scary for the new arrival but we are lucky we have the cat room for slow introduction and a safe place for the newbie’s to feel secure and to meet the other residents at their own pace.
There have been several offers of a forever home for this dear boy but our gut instinct said they weren't quite right for him and his needs, especially being an older gent, which is paramount.
However he has since settled in so well here at JE with all the other residents and has formed a close bond with Mr Tigs and Odyssey that we felt it would be wrong to uproot him once again and confuse him with a new home.
'So please welcome Sammy Snail as the newest resident to our JE feline family'