It started for us with this old boy.
19/11/15 we get a call about a black cat in an area of Plymouth known as Devonport. 
We were informed that the poor puss looked all skin and bone and was a kitten.
It turned out that the cat, we named Duke, was a very old boy. We picked him up and asked a local rescue for space but they didn’t have one so he came home with me.
Dear boy was checked and was told he was around 17 years old.
Duke was a right character, so vocal and loved his chicken.
He was adored by everyone he met.
Sadly on Boxing Day 2015, he collapsed and was rushed to our vets.
Our vet advised us he was dying and would be kind to let him go.
I held him while he slipped away, gently talking to him and telling him what a precious boy he was.
Such a sad time, but we were privileged to have had him in our lives for such a short time.