Journey’s End Feline Sanctuary was a life long ambition for a local cat rescuer called Donna Allen who had rescued hundreds of cats in her active time of 30+ years. This lady would always take in the oldies that no one would home. Her love for the oldies and those with special needs would be her priority, each precious soul cherished, love and showered in affection till it was their time to cross the rainbow bridge. Donna’s dream was to open a sanctuary for those special felines that were so often overlooked. With her support and guidance we were privileged to fulfill that dream and we will continue to do so, for the love of the oldies and those with special needs.



What is Journey's End?

We are a small, self-funded sanctuary that started in 2015 for elderly/special needs & palliative care cats, set in a safe, homely environment.

The cat room is used for initial assessment and introduction to resident cats and once assessed any cat 'coming home' to Journey's End is given access to a secure, enclosed garden and is also able to free roam within the residence, where they quickly become 'one of the family'.

Sadly, far too many older cats and ones with 'issues' get abandoned and neglected, struggling to survive on the streets, Journey's End is their safe haven, where their needs are catered for, be it visual impairments, obvious disabilities or they just need a safe retreat to live their final years, months or weeks being loved and cared for.

No cat is ever put to sleep, unless their quality of life is diminished or they are obviously physically suffering, EVERY single cat is so very precious, regardless of their condition, age etc., and each one deserves the security of a loving home, good food and veterinary care when needed, until such time they must cross the bridge, without pain and with dignity, knowing they are loved and will be mourned.

Journey's End endeavours to provide such care until the inevitable 'final journey' across The Rainbow Bridge.



Past and Present  ( 2015 - )


DUKE. 26/12/2015 

It started for us with this old boy.19/11/15 we received  a call about a black cat in an area of Plymouth known as Devonport. We were informed that the poor puss looked all skin and bones and was a kitten. It turned out that the cat, we named Duke, was a very old boy and had been a stray for a few years living on his wits and surviving on scraps and the odd meal from a few residents. We picked him up and asked a local rescue for space but they didn’t have one so he came home with us. He was taken to our vets for a check up to be told he was around 17 years old. Duke was a right character, so vocal and loved his chicken. He was adored by everyone he met. Sadly on Boxing Day 2015, he collapsed and was rushed to our vets. Our vet advised us he was dying and would be kind to let him go. We held him while he slipped away, gently talking to him and telling him what a precious boy he was.Such sadness but we were privileged to have had him in our lives for such a short time.



Mitzie cat was found wandering an area of Plymouth. We were called to scan a cat that had been straying in the area. The little girl wasn’t chipped so we paper collared and area postered, as we always do, but still no owner came forward. Off she went to our vets for a check up, she was around 12 months old. She’s still with us, such a friendly little soul.


GIZMO 29/10/2016

Gizmo a full ginger boy was found straying in Devonport by a main road. He sought shelter in a hole in the wall. We went straight down to scan him for a microchip. As it was, he was chipped, 16 years old, and after much searching and postering the area, we found a new owner. She decided she didn’t want him so he came to us. Another trip to our vets as he was so skinny, bloods taken and was found to have kidney failure. Medication and good food brought the sparkle back in his eyes.
He was with us for 3 weeks but sadly passed away but he went knowing he was loved.


DUTCHESS 13/5/2019

Dutchess was reported to us as having been abandoned in an inner city area of Plymouth. We went to collect her, thin, dirty and very smelly, she’d been eating out of bins to survive. She came home with us, given a warm comfy bed and some chicken to eat. We bathed her the next day to reveal a white and tabby cat. Vet check up and our vets weren’t happy, an older girl around 12 years old but after blood tests, x-rays and an ultrasound they were pretty sure she had FIP Feline Infectious Peritonitis, a virus to which there is no cure. She was only daily medication until she passed away 6 months later.
She passed with dignity and no pain.


WILLOW 2/1/2000-12/12/2020 

.Aged 20 but 19 at the time, microchipped and found living in a garden being fed by neighbours. All avenues were exhausted and still no owner found. She was taken into a lovely rescue but due to her age it would have been highly unlikely she’d have been homed, so she came to us.An adorable old lady who is deaf, partially sighted and has 3 teeth but she loves her food and is very talkative.*****Dear Willow sadly went to the rainbow bridge while in her sleep on 12/12/20.  She brought such love to us all. We take comfort in knowing we give these beautiful souls a place to call home, where they are loved unconditionally



Odyssey has come from the same rescue as Willow. Found dumped in a bag outside a dog rescue with her sister.  But sadly, her sister was very poorly and passed away not long after.  Odyssey has had both eyes removed due to infections and ulceration. She’s around 3. We have a garden which has been cat proofed so she’s safe to come and go. Nothing fazes her, a very confident and adventurous wee girl.



Oscar, aged 16, was free to a good home on a social media site, luckily we were tagged on the post and offered the old fella a retirement home. A very active old boy, loves his food and attention is on his terms. Recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and kidney disease and is now on life long medication.



Hugo, was found wandering on a very busy road in the central reservation.
Every attempt to find his humans was carried out and avenues were exhausted but no one came forward. He has a few issues with one being that he likes to bite you, but only love bites, so we assume he’d been abandoned for this reason. He’s a happy puss, loves cuddles and is a typical lap cat.



Mr Tigs, an elderly neutered male, aged 14, who had been a stray for some time and was being fed by a lady, who sadly passed away recently. Efforts were made to locate an owner, but no joy and no microchip was found. He was at risk due to health problems of being PTS so rescue space was sought. Sue’s Cat Rescue in Cornwall offered to help the boy.He had dental treatment and was also found to have hyperthyroidism.He will be on life long medication and will need regular check ups and bloods.As soon as we saw this handsome fella we knew we had to offer him a life long home here at the sanctuary.Please welcome Mr Tigs  



We were asked to help take in 5 cats a few days ago, due to owners failing health and her concerns about being able to continue caring for the cats as they deserve, so felt she needed to get help to rehome them.Fabulous homes have been found for the felines. Lord Lucan as he is now called, black semi long hair, has found a home here at the Sanctuary, due to him being deaf we felt he deserves a safe place but still be able enjoy a safe outdoor lifestyle too. He’s a big lad with a loving personality and he’s settled in so well.Smiley Boy, as he’s now known and another big boy, is spending his retirement with Donna the founder of Journey’s End. He’s such a loving & gentle lad.

Sammy the Snail.jpg


Sam aka Sammy Snail came into the sanctuary back in early May as a foster with a view to rehoming due to his elderly owner being in hospital and unable to care for him but wanted the best for him so we assured her we would find that place.
His owner had him since a kitten and that's all he'd ever known.
Coming into a multi cat household can be very daunting and scary for the new arrival but we are lucky we have the cat room for slow introduction and a safe place for the newbie’s to feel secure and to meet the other residents at their own pace.
There have been several offers of a forever home for this dear boy but our gut instinct said they weren't quite right for him and his needs, especially being an older gent, which is paramount.
However he has since settled in so well here at JE with all the other residents and has formed a close bond with Mr Tigs and Odyssey that we felt it would be wrong to uproot him once again and confuse him with a new home.
'So please welcome Sammy Snail as the newest resident to our JE feline family'



This dear old fella has come into the sanctuary as a matter of urgency and for his own well-being. Owner decided it was in his best interest to relinquish him into our care.He’s 12 years old, super friendly and love to chat.He’s settled in so well with Donna at our second site.



As well as our lovely kitties, we have our 4 girls; Patsie,Pricillia, Mable, and Mildred.They came to use on the 21/08/20 in a featherless state, we have natured them, looked after them, and they are doing much better now, loving the free roaming lifestyle.Sadly, on the 27th of July, Patsie, grew her wings and flew to rainbow bridge. Fly high little one, you have earned your wings.Sadly on the 1st October we lost Priscilla and on the 4th October we lost Mabel. Deeply upsetting time but we take comfort in knowing we gave then the best life. Flying high with their sister Patsie 



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